Kargotur Dis Tic.Nak.Tur.Ltd.Sti.
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Kargotur Dis Tic.Nak.Tur.Ltd.Sti.
Adalet Mah.1586/7 sokak No:17 Kargotur Tesisleri, Bayrakli
35 persons
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freight forwarder


Kargotur Dis Tic.Nak.Tur.Ltd.Sti is founded by Mr.Dogan Vapurcu in 2001, in Izmir that is in the Western Part and one of the logistics base in Turkey ,used as gateway of exports by air and by sea .

Founder and owner of the company Mr.Vapurcu was experienced enough at Air Cargo ,at his former company and he decided to assist his customers by his own company at the age of 26.

Believing high quality services generated by dedicated employees , he has chosen his team from those who had also wide experiences at the field of logistics and administration.


In 2002, Kargotur became an IATA member, which was highly important for an Air Cargo company that was meaning accreditation by the airliners.


Istanbul branch office was launched at the same year .As many people knows Istanbul is the trade center in Turkey and after launch of our Istanbul office business and customer numbers increased.


Branch office in the capitol city ,Ankara and hub for Southeastern Part of Anatolia,Gaziantep, followed up in a short time.


All these grow ups were the outcome of set of purpose and step by step organisation.

In 2008 , Kargotur was not only An Air Cargo Agent but also full capacity of logistics and freight forwarding company.A wide service network such as Perishables, Aircraft On the Ground,Live Animals,Transit Shipments etc. resulted in popularity of Kargotur to reach a large customer portfolio.


Vision of Kargotur is to arrange excellent organisations within worldwide high quality standards at all regions that we are active and intended to invest and grow and to create regular service network.


Mission of Kargotur is to meet our customers' and abroad business partners' logistics requirements with cost effective and best services .To be trusted source at international freight services with absolute customer satisfaction is the principal of Kargotur.

We,,as Kargotur, ,know the importance of being a network agent.Full services can only be completed with the business partners who have the same mentality under the same roof.

We hope to be a member of Smile Logistics Network as soon as possible.


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