5th Food Importers & Exporters Face to Face Meeting on November 30 - December 1, 2017


Food Importers & Exporters Business Matching on Nov. 30, 2017

Visit Food Factory on Dec. 1, 2017


Mr. Abul Hasanath
Tnx for your msg....I really appreciate you n your team effort to organize such a great event.

Rgds and great day!

Good day. Frankly, it is kind of beyond my expectation. Maintaining the small medium number of participants is great whereby everyone got the chance to meet with each other. Unlike others network, most of the participants seems are having the trading background as well who further value add on the meeting itself. Location are find as the distance from airport to Ayutthaya & Bangkok are almost the same. Of course for those who expecting some night entertainment & shopping, sorry you can't get it here, but considering there are no big factory in the Bangkok centre itself. I believe this is one of the reason why the meeting never held in the Bangkok since one of their main itinerary is visiting the factory.

Plus point for the Gala Dinner, really a big surprise~~!!
Hello my friend ,

Honestly , people got to understand the purpose and reason for the hotel being arrange , like cost is one concern .

Over all , the hotel is good , service is good , breakfast and lunch on food is good and the cost is very reasonable . Of cos the dinner arrangement is great with entertainment .

Conference is reasonable as your team is trying to bring more agent ...

Good luck

Rosemarie T. Zozobrado
Dear Anan!

Sorry if I replied late on your emails and other inquiries since I just got back in the Philippines last Monday and I am currently catching up from all my backlogs.
It was a very memorable experience for me. It was my first time in Thailand and I can say one of my best trips so far!

The hotel is clean, peaceful and spacious enough and the food is great too! Staffs were very accommodating and helpful.

As for the program, it was a nice idea to limit the participants since we had the chance to meet each and everyone and it feels like we are already a family right after the cocktail dinner. The bond was already established and I believe this can lead to a productive business opportunities in the future.

I would want to suggest though to allow more presentations from different food exporters so that they can explain their products well and to provide more activities. It would also be best if you can invite more food importers / exporters next time.

Thank you.
Mr. Lam Sze Kin
Dear Anan,

That’s good conference at Bangkok last week, the participant is not much but all agents are professional on freight forwarding industrial, especially in food stuff, I also learn a lot on it.

Hope that I can join it in coming conference on next year.

Dear Anan,

Good day to you and your team!

Yes, this is also the first time I join this group. One small group but there are active members, I feel we are very friendly and open-talk during one to one discussion. After meeting, we are become a family with very closed relationship.

Thank you and your team, who are so nice and good effort to arrange successful the 5th Meeting in Ayutthaya.

See you next time and keep contact.
Ms. Indriana Pandra
Good day,..

Thanks for your email and we would to thank and congratulation for you and your team for oganizing this Conference to be successful. It is good to meet up everyone and member in Food Directories and make more business together. We are now have some inquiries and receiving inquiries also from them. Wishing we can build good cooperation with all the members soon.
Mr. Vincent Marquez
Good morning! We just got back to Manila from our business trip and apologies as I only have time to reply and write messages to persons we’ve met in the conference.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you and the team for a well organised Food Directories Meeting in Ayutthaya last week. It was a small group but it did not hindered us from communicating with each representative and create productive cooperation with each other. I look forward to developing business in the near future with the other members. Please consider us to be part of this group in your next meeting for 2018. Again, congratulations!
Mr. Gerard Goh
Good morning Anan.

It was an amazing experience for me.
Well organized Conference & Good Job to you & your team.

My only feedback would be for more exporter/importer on 02nd Day. Thanks.
Mr. Huynh Thanh Ho
Kindly let's my best wishes to you, all of your staff members and all friends.

It was really a wonderful time for me and appreciated our memorable moment being together in Ayutthaya.

I do hope to have a coming chance on setting business relationship and friendship after this meeting.

See you all at the 6th meeting.
Mr. Jacques LAUDY
Hôtel was Ok and party too!
First of all I would like to thanks and congratulations to manage fantastic group conference in Ayutthaya , Thailand. This is small but having very professional members from all countries which allow us to make close relationship with each other. This is my first year but I found my self as a old family member of this group.

Thanks to you and all your staff members who really give best efforts to make this conference successful with fun .

Pls convey my best regards to all your staff and member

Will see you next year positively

Patrick Lee
Thank you Mr. Anan and all the friends coming to this wonderful meeting.

I had a great time in Prachinburi, I believe we all did.

Wish you all have a prosperous & successful coming year!

We shall meet again very soon!

Patrick Lee
Taipei International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Email: patrick@tpe-logistics.com.tw
Skype: zeltkimo@yahoo.com.tw
Vivian Chiam
Firstly, we would like to thanks Mr. Anan, his team and all other parties for making this event successful.
It was really a nice meeting and we really appreciated our memorable moment being together in Prachinburi.

We hope we could establish business relationship and friendship together after this conference.

We look forward to hearing from all again. Keep in Touch!

Once again, Thank you and wishing you all have a pleasant day!

Best Regards,

Vivian Chiam
Executive, Business Development
Priority Group of Company – Logistics Division
Tel: +604-632 0232
Fax: +604-644 5850
Mob: +6012-494 3699
Email: vivianchiam@prioritycargo.com.my
Daniela Da Pozzo
Sincere thanks to Anan Akworachai and all his Team at Food Directories in Thailand for once again providing us with the opportunity to meet other Global Forwarders and discuss with them mutual future business possibilities and growth in a safe, professional, friendly and efficient atmosphere.

I believe that this conference has given many of us the chance to nurture and develop long term and trusting international partnerships.

Plus, it was great fun to meet you all and share some wonderful memories.

Can’t wait till next year to see you all again!

Wishing you all great and prosperous global business !

Daniela Da Pozzo
National Sales Manager
LIISRTO Int’l Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers
3/11 Lindaway Place, Tullamarine, Vic 3043 AUSTRALIA
Tel: =61 3 9329 0466 mob. 0421 047373
Anastasios Peppas
Congratulation for 3rd Freight Forwarder Partners meeting

I was enjoy the whole conference arrangement and hope to develop business
It is my first time and hope will be there on next year!!

We would like to thank you and all your great staffs.
Philip Jang
Dear Everybody !

I am very glad to see everybody at the 3rd Meeting in Thailand. It was great chance to know each other.

I hope we make strong relationship thru Food Directories.com. and make business together.

See everybody next year again !

Best Regards.

Philip Jang
HANS World Logistics Co., Ltd ( China )
E-mail : philip@hans-logis.cn
URL : www.hans-logis.com
Ki Heok, Lee (Arnold Lee)
Dear Anan,

How’re you doing!! Busy to visit customers as this is end of year.. I’m so impressed your efforts to develop the conference. I like it..

Such a good conference again… It was great time to me and looks everyone was happy for the conference. I feel I become a fan of FoodDirectories conference, which is great to both us and everyone joined.

I’ve heard you work at BKK. When I go to BKK, will contact you.

And pls add AE Eagle to attend 4th meeting as well with My name.

Have a great day!! Nice to meeting you again last week.

Thanks & B.regards
Arnold Lee
AE Eagle Korea Inc
B-2004, Woolim Blue9
Business Center, 583,
Yangchun-Ro, Kangseo-Ku
Seoul, Korea 157-779
Skype ID: ae-arnold
Tel: 82 2 2666 6990
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Mobile: 82 10 4213 6880
Willem Scherpenisse
It was for MARO the first Food Dir Meeting. We did have a good feeling about this. The organization was good only the location was for my feeling not perfect.

The :Meeting self was good.
Thanks and we wish you good luck,

Kind regards
Very nice meeting you all. Very good arranged. Thank you!
Dear all friend .

Am sorry for late.
We do hope food directories, can extend to all city In the world.
We can fm small family become to big family.
I believe both we are the special one .

Jacky Chan

Jaguar Logistics Co., Ltd
Unit 1005, 10/F, Tower A,
Hunghom Commercial Centre,
39 Ma Tau Wai Road,
Hunghom, H.K.
Tel: 2303 1282 Fax: 2377 0992
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E-mail: jacky@jaguarhkg.com
Website: http://www.jaguarhkg.com
Office.: Hong Kong , Shanghai, Shenzhen , Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo , Qingdao , Taichung-taiwan, Penang-Malaysia
Edith V. Munoz
Thank you for sharing the photos during the Conference. It was nice meeting all of you & the nice & sweet staffs who were
Always there with us to assist.. I wish for the success of FoodDirectories.COMs’ future events/conferences and till next conference.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Edith V. Munoz
Adam Wong
Please take our appreciation to all of staffs and organizer, your passionate that have deeply impressed to us.

Best Regards

Adam Wong
Jaguar Logistics Shen Zhen Office
Flat C, 9F., tower B
Hong Long Century Plaza,
No.3001 He Ping Road, Luo Hu,
Shen Zhen, China
TEL: +86 755 22271357
FAX: +86 755 22271371
Siew Peng, Tang (Ms)
Greetings to all from Malaysia!

Having safely returned to Malaysia, we would like to thank you for the hospitality extended to us during our visit in Thailand, it was a great pleasure to meet all of you!

We would like to especially thanks Anan and his team for your kindness and patience throughout the entire event, we appreciate it. Please convey our appreciation to every on your fine staffs.

Besides that, we feel extremely privilege for all of your presence and pleasant experiences, please do keep in touch!

We look forward to hear from you in the near future, wishing you well and thank you all once again!

Kind Regards,

Siew Peng, Tang (Ms)
Senior Executive, Business Development
Priority Group of Companies - Logistics Division
Thanks your care while we are at Thailand.
Carol, Hanh Nguyen (Ms.)
We had a safe flight back to Vietnam.

Thank you very much for this meeting that we feel so nice and helpful.

Thanks and best regards
Carol, Hanh Nguyen (Ms.)
Congratulation for 1st Fooddirectories forwarder conference open Successfully in Ayutthaya

I was enjoy the whole conference arrangement. I am know new freight forwarder friend and meet more food exporters and importers. I believe I can get benefit from this conference not only for freight forwarder affair but also for food trading business.

I also hope all of members could make effort for this field in our self country. I also wish all of members of Fooddirectoires could be professor in their country in food field. Then our network will be famous logistics brand in the world of food market.

For further meeting ,I hope we can have booth at some famous food Exhibition. And we can start meeting before Food Events. Once finish, we can be a team at our booth to meet more exporters and importers. And give them a feeling that turn their business to these company who belongs to this network maybe more safe and economic.

Remember my words : Don't forget me ! Billy Bi

General Manager


Shanghai Jerry Int'l Logistics Co.,Ltd
I want to congratulate FoodDirectories.COM in organizing this first conference in Ayutthaya.

It was a pleasure meeting the entire group along with the food importers from Ayutthaya.

This will be a good beginning for excellent cooperation between each other.
Thank you so much for the warm hospitality and wonderful time at Ayutthaya.

It was indeed a pleasure being there and meeting everyone.

The conference wasn’t without flaws but the first time is always difficult.

All of us are pretty hopeful that this network will produce results with correct handling.

1. The warmth of you and your team was fantastic.

2. The hotel and conference arrangements were also very good

3. The choice of restaurants was excellent

4. With regards the actual conference- i guess being the first time, many of the promised people didn’t show up so that may be a bit of a disappointment but the exporters present were pretty good too.

5. When the number of members increases, you will have to start planning the 1:1 meeting on-line and in advance and not the way it was conducted because it was a little haphazard.

6. The factory visit was very good too.

7. With regards the FF, for the future members, it should be imperative that the FFs who wish to be members should be handling some activity related to Food and ancillary industries.

8. I think making the conferences bi-annual right now would be too fast as you still need a lot more of active members whether FFs or Food Importers/Exporters and the response from this conference is taken into account

9. Congratulations once again to you and Det to think out of the box and come up with a novel concept.

- All the best for the Future
Richard Lee
thanks for invite me to attend the 1st meeting, really both i and Emily from our company have the opportunity to know more friends and a very pleasant trip sharing the freight forwarding experience each other. although now it is not very big but it is SMALL ENOUGH to makes the members have the enough time to see each other, talk to each other. we communicate everything, sharing everything, like a big family.

what i should suggest is, for next time to makes the meeting time be shorter,, and then more time for the members to have one day go out for tour,,,etc.. should be better for all of us.

thanks again Anan for you and your team.


Richard Lee / CEO
New Concept Logistics/China
David Mak
i Would Like To Say There Is Not So Much Different From My Expectation But Also Good To Start From First Meeting Eventhough We May Not Have All Thailand Importer And Exporter Who Show Up Or Turn Up BUT We Have Launched Our First Meeting As A Standard Modal Successfully, That Is Why We Need To Be Continued For More Succeed From The Nearest Future .. Just Now Today, I Am First Day Returning And Arriving Office For Sometime When I Have Mentioned To One Of Our Major Food & Beverage Importer Who Agree Continue Disucssion For Their Support, That Is Why We Are Glad To Welcome You
Mag. Agnieszka Derekov
it was really a great experience and pleasure for me to meet teh memebers. tahnk you for syour organisation.

Mag. Agnieszka Derekov
Corporate Product Management Seafreight / Director REEFER Transport

ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution Transport GmbH
Ki Heok, Lee (Arnold Lee)
How’re you doing!!! I’m back home now thanks to all your help and efforts.

First, I’d like to say ‘Thank you very much for all you’ve done for us’.. I’m pretty much satisfied and I can say’ this is successful conference’..

As other freight forwarder, my goal to attend this meeting is to make oversea’s reliable agent (partner). Actually, we mostly have agent in other contries but we didn’t meet all our partners.

Having time together with all who attend the meeting, we became very close each other.. Of course, to continue to mutual business and further relationship, there’s still a lot of things to do together. There also should be some luck.

Anyway, all who joined this meeting hope this conference would continue year by year.. That means we need your after service.^^.

Good day, today!!

Thanks & B.regards
Arnold Lee