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Wheat Outlook in Year 2013

Date :16 September 2013




FAO’s latest wheat production forecast for 2013 has been raised by 7 million tonnes since May, to a new record level of 702 million tonnes. At this level, world production of wheat would be 6.5 percent higher than the reduced harvest in 2012.


The bulk of the recovery is forecast to be concentrated in some of the major producing countries that harvested poor crops in 2012, in particular in Europe and the Black Sea region. The anticipated higher production is a welcome development, especially as the 2012/13 run-down took global inventories to their lowest level since 2009. FAO’s first forecast for global stocks at the end of the seasons in 2014 points to a strong rebound from the reduced opening levels which, given the current expectations regarding global utilization in 2013/14, would result in a higher world stock-to-use ratio.


The largest increases in world inventories are forecast for China, which is heading towards another record crop, and for the EU and the Russian Federation. Although total wheat utilization is forecast to resume its growth after a decline in 2012/13, the increase would only concern wheat consumption as food, since feed utilization, which rose sharply in 2011/12 as a result of very tight supplies and high prices of coarse grains, is likely to remain close

to the 2012/13 level.


FAO’s first forecast for world wheat trade in 2013/14 points to a reduction of 2.5 percent from 2012/13. This contraction mainly reflects reduced imports by countries expecting improved supplies in 2013/14, which include some traditional exporting countries, such as the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Based on this preliminary supply and demand assessment for 2013/14 and barring any major unexpected developments, especially with regard to production, global markets are likely to face more stable conditions, with prices retreating from the highs seen during the 2012/13 marketing season.


Source: Food Outlook Biannual Report on Global Food Markets
Abdolreza Abbassian
Trade and Markets Division
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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