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WHEAT 2014

Date :17 January 2014


Global wheat production in 2013 is expected to grow by 7.4 percent to a new record of 708.5 million tonnes. Most of the increase reflects the recovery of crops in the CIS countries from last year’s drought-reduced levels. Looking into 2014, early indications point to larger wheat area in the United States while prospects are mixed in Europe, especially in the Russian Federation and Ukraine where unfavourable weather hampered plantings.

World trade in 2013/14 is forecast at 142 million tonnes, 1.9 percent higher than in 2012/13, mainly on larger anticipated imports in Asia more than offsetting declining purchases in Europe. Export supplies seem more abundant this season, especially among the major
exporters, with shipments from the Russian Federation and Ukraine forecast to increase by 5 million tonnes and 3 million tonnes respectively.

Total wheat utilization in 2013/14 is put at 696.1 million tonnes, 1.4 percent higher than in 2012/13, with food use accounting for most of the expansion. World inventories are forecast to reach 167 million tonnes, an increase of about 6.7 percent from their sharply reduced opening levels and 3.4 million tonnes more than foreseen in October. At this level, the world wheat
stocks-to-use ratio could rise to 23.6 percent in 2013/14. However, the ratio of major wheat exporters’ closing stocks to their total disappearance is expected to remain low, at around 13.8 percent, which points to generally tighter export availabilities for wheat than for other

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