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Canned Tuna
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Paul Donohoe
Post Date:
January 25, 2018




I am looking for a quote for canned tuna. This would be large volume orders every month on an ongoing basis. If I am happy with the price, product, delivery times etc., I will be ordering 15 to 20 40ft containers per month.


Naturally at these kind of volumes I need to find a supplier who I can trust will provide me with a consistently high quality product, at the best possible price.


I have the necessary details below.

Tuna fish, skip jack, gw-160/nw-112, solid//flakes 70/30, in soybean oil- carton of 48 units

If you are unable to supply this amount please feel free to let me know how many containers you could comfortably supply each month.
Please feel free to contact on my mobile, or by email anytime if you would like to discuss the matter further.
Shipping terms should be FOB.
I look forward to your reply

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Paul Donohoe