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"Financial Protection" policy protect all Worldwide Freight Forwarders

Date :17 July 2014


Dear Worldwide Freight Forwarders,


How are you? 


Our website has a "Financial Protection" Policy to protect all Worldwide Freight Forwarders to do business with our Freight Forwarder Partners as below: 


Step One:


If Worldwide Freight Forwarders do not receive payment from our Freight Forwarder Partners after 90 days of invoice issue date. Please contact our website at email:


Step Two:


After our website receive information, we have a STRONG TEAM to investigate this problem. It takes time within 3 working days.

Step Three:


If our Freight Forwarder Partners WRONG, our team will FORCE our Freight Forwarder Partners pay within 30 days.

Step Four:


After 30 days, if our Freight Forwarder Partners DO NOT PAY, our website has a policy

- Take off from our group immediately.
- Announce in our group.
- Announce to more than 200,000 worldwide freight forwarders in our database.
- Post in our “Bad Debt” menu in our website.


If you have any questions or would like more information about this policy, please contact Mr. Anan Akworachai at email:


Best regards,

Anan Akworachai