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Freight Forwarder Partner

Date :24 August 2014


TO:                     Freight Forwarders


SUBJECT:         1. Subscription Fee
                            2. Freight Forwarder Partner Benefits
                            3. How to Subscribe Freight Forwarder Partner




Freight Forwarder Partner Subscription Fee is USD799/ Year/ Country.

*** This fee excludes Annual meeting fee at Thailand in November 18 – 21, 2014. ***




1. Has Profile in our website at

2. Send Freight Forwarder Partners information to Worldwide Food Members (Receive Food Shipmets Request Freight Quotes).

3. Send Freight Forwarder Partners information to Worldwide Freight Forwarders (Receive Food and Non-Food Shipments Request Freight Quotes).

4. Our website has a "Financial Protection Policy" all our agents in our group. We have steps to solve this problem as below:


4.1 We receive information from our agents about “Bad Debt”

4.2 We have our team to investigate and solve this problem.

4.3 Our team will push Wrong Agent to pay money to Right Agent by
- Announce this case to all our agents
- Announce this case to +200,000 worldwide freight forwarders in our database
- Announce this case to all our Food Members in Wrong Agent country
- Announce this case in our website


In case Right Agent join “Financial Protection Fund”, our fund has a policy to pay USD10,000 to protect Right Agent from “Bad Debt” per year. Cost to join “Financial Protection Fund" is USD2,000/Year.

5. Can use Full Freight Forwarder System in our website link between Freight Forwarder and Freight Forwarder and Food Exporters.

6. Shipment Insurance Low Cost (This offer will finish in November 2014).

7. Freight Forwarder Partners Annual Meeting at Thailand in November 18-21, 2014. In this meeting meet 25 Thai food exporters and importers too. More information, please see at




1. Please send your Certificate to us to check your company and financial status. (it takes time about 12 hours).

2. After approved, we will send invoice and subscription form to you.

3. After receive your bank slip and complete subscription form, our team will create your account in our website.


If you would like more information, please contact. We will reply you as soon as possible.


Best regards,

Anan Akworachai

Email: fooddirectories@fooddirectories.COM Tel: 6681-924-6083 Fax: 662-803-7530